Week 12

Roth, Chapter 10

Week 10

Roth, Chapter 9

Lynch, Kevin. The Image of the City. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1960. Chapters I and III. [Full Text]

Week 8 & 9

Roth, Chapter 7

Week 7

Roth, Chapter 6

Dolkart, Andrew S. "The Birth of the Skyscraper." 2003 [Read Online]
Building images to accompany the article:

Optional: Pelli, Cesar. "Pieces of the City." Architectural Digest, 1988. [Read Online]
This might help you choose a paper topic.

Week 4 & 5

Roth, Chapter 5
Greek Revival: pages 150-170
Gothic Revival: pages 170-181

Asher Benjamin, The Architect, or, Practical House Carpenter, 1844 [complete] (click on "preview this book")
Pick one order, and read the full entry (for example, Doric).
Each student will speak about this order in class for an in-class exercise. It may help for you to bring reading notes with you to class.

Week 3 (No Class)

Roth, Chapter 4
Focus on pages 107-110, 117-128, 130 (2nd column), 142-143, 147.

Week 2

Roth, Chapters 2 & 3
Focus on pages 46-57, 65, 69-73, 87, 95-98, 101-104

Irving, Washingtion. Knickerbocker's History of New York, 1809.
  • Author's Apology, pages 4-5 [Online Reader p.4]
  • Book II, Chapter VIII, pages 61-63 [Online Reader p.61]

Week 1

Order your Roth textbook, ASAP!
(I also strongly urge you to obtain at least two of the Highly Recommended Texts during the course; one according to your area of interest, and another to aid you in your final project.)

Roth, Chapter 1.

Sanderson, E.W. and M. Brown (2007). "Mannahatta: an ecological first look at the Manhattan landscape prior to Henry Hudson." Northeaster Naturalist 14(4): 545-570.

"Mannahatta" by Yonni Brenner

"The Manahatta Project"