Quite far from the ocean,
Not near the woods,
Lined up in the pattern of grid and the oval shape, with mood
Is the Lovely American-Indian woman.
Creation of the French.
Her nose,
Is halfway, between the eyes and chin.
The bottom of her ears,
Line up with the bottom of her quaint nose.
The corners of the mouth,
Aligned with the centers of her brave eyes notch.
The eyes between the top of the head and chin,
Gazing toward, of greedy consumer,
my hood
Webbed land of Mannahatta
Like stubborn weed’s root.
This “animal” breathing,
All Earth hears his roar,
That's all it can do,
But it really wants to soar.
The beautiful Indian woman
Becomes the face of the
Skyscraper Safety Campaign
Her face represents the need for
Quality, Safety and Security
in NYC Skyscrapers of the
Past, Present and Future
The grid remains behind the
Manhatta outline as a reminder
That each change in the Building Code
is carefully thought out and aims
To Protect the lives of the
Public and Fire Service
Manhatta will continue to Soar
All Earth sees its strength
through its Skyscrapers

Coney Island in the distance
The Train station up ahead,
I look to Mermaid Ave to guide me,
The Stepped form apartments as well.
As Night darkens and danger beckons I look too,
the parachute tower to light me thru
Almost there i hear the noise,
The sound of train engines rumble give me joys,
Finally made it on the train,
Great, now a crazy man shouts his name.