Within this industrious section of Manhattan, there are endless amount of stores for shopping and restaurants as well that stand out as you walk by but only few that a actually catch your attention. Hobby stores, designer clothing lines, exquisite beverages, exotic desserts, and much more. But as I walk by and notice all these designer clothing line i cant help but notice certain designs which stand out no matter how basic a design may look. Much like the city with it’s’ gridiron design, this fraction of the borough has constant twists and turns with new pleasures around every corner.The three-story pier is a Victorian wonder in Battery Park that welcomes a lot of significant people of the century as if it was at the end of the path meant to draw you in making it hard to miss. The tower, wonderland for the luxurious, erected at the western end of the pier rises nearly two thirds above the main structure. The tower’s wooden structure is covered with a standing seam tin plate roof. Clocks are decorating all of the four faces of the tower. Light green-greyish color is chosen for the paint mainly to complement the color of the roof, as well as to give an aesthetic appeal to the whole building.



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