There are different levels around this park SOME BRIDGES AND SOME CASTLES having two playgrounds one at each end of the park. In the morning you will see people THRU THE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF THE PARK jogging all around the park or riding their bikes but once the weekend comes you'll see the park more alive with children and adults playing sports.
The park attracts different people. WHAT YOU REMEMBER ABOUT THE PARK WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN WHAT SOMEONE ELSE WILL REMEMBER. It can be explained when we're looking on it closely. Thoughtfully designed spaces and volumes help to create one of a kind "soul" of a place. In this particular case spaces are organized in a particular order. Geometrically this order can be described as series of squares organized around one center. THE LIGHT THE SHADE ALL HIT IN THE SAME PLACE BUT ARE VIEWED DIFFERENTLY BY EACH PERSON. The square space which is the main element of the park is divided on four same in size parts. These four parts give the center of two circles. And, the outer circle being described in the boundaries of four same in size triangles located at the each of the corners on the square. IT MIGHT BE A SQUARE BUT YOU MIGHT NOT SEE IT THAT WAY IF YOU ONLY LOOK AT THE PATH ON THE PARK
One of the most important thing about a park is the way the different spaces are separated, it is either elevated or depressed, shaded or exposed, barricaded or opened. In this case a space is shaded with a roof supported by what is the strongest material used in construction today, steel.

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