We are now to round two of our Exquisite Corpse, our collaborative and ongoing project to which we will add throughout the semester.

We will again be assembling both words and images in our exquisite corpses.

Each student will add to and modify the image that was previously started by another. In a few cases, nothing was yet created, so I have duplicated another page so everyone has something to start from. If the previous student made mistakes, you will have to build off his/her work anyway, and should make sure your final files are correct per the criteria below.

For Part 2 you will be adding an architectural detail from the building you will be writing about for Paper 1. Attempt to make a drawing of the detail in the style of details shown in Asher Benjamin's pattern books. You can see his books in the Supplemental Texts. Consider things such as line type, notation, dimension, and style as you work on your drawing. It may help to go take a snapshot of the detail in question. You may work off of a published detail of the building, but you must draw the detail yourself. I suggest doing the drawing by hand, or in CAD, Rhino, or Revit. Add your drawing to the existing image you are assigned from part 1. You can perform various operations on the existing image: rotate, scale, desaturate, tint, etc. You cannot obscure more than 50% of the previous image. The final image should be a new whole, so be aware of, and play with the composition.

You will also add text about the architectural detail to the part 1 text on the wiki page. This text should be directions for constructing the detail you have drawn, similar to the text in the Asher Benjamin pattern books. When you add your text you cannot delete any existing words written by the previous student. You can insert words anywhere: before existing words, between sentences, between individual words, after existing words. You may change formatting styles. In adding your words, you should make a greater whole, and a thoughtful composition as you have for the image.

This is the grading sheet I will use. Each box will get a number between 0 and 10 inclusive. Certain criteria will be counted twice if it's important. Then I'll average all the points.

[_] Photoshop file is present
[_] Photoshop file is 8in by 8in at 300 pixels / inch and layers have been flattened
[_] Photoshop file is named properly
[_] JPEG file is present
[_] JPEG file has the right dimensions & resolution & name
[_] JPEG image from previous student on the page from part01 has been deleted and replaced with new part02 image
[_] New image does not obscure more than 50% of the old image
[_] Architectural detail is drawn in the style of a pattern book
[_] Architectural detail is well drawn in hand, CAD, Rhino, or Revit
[_]x2 New image is a creative composition and a greater whole

[_] 50-100 new words are written by the student
[_] No text from the previous student has been deleted
[_]x2 Added words are instructive and in style of pattern books
[_]x2 Added words are well-written
[_]x2 Interaction with existing words is interesting

[_] Wiki Page has text, a JPEG, and a link to the PSD file and previous PSD files from previous rounds

[_Total_] / 20 Grade

Every day the assignment is overdue, 2 points will automatically be deducted.

Here is the Page Format, so you can check your work.

<text> (add your text, do not delete any previous text)

<JPEG 8in x 8in 72 pixels/inch > (delete the previous jpeg before you add your jpeg)

Part02_<your last name>
<page name>_Part02_<your last name>.psd (photoshop file is 8in x 8in at 300 pixels/inch )

Part01_<last person's last name>
<page name>_Part01_<last person's last name>.psd (this should already be on the page, do not delete)