Exquisite Corpse Part 1

The first assignment will begin a collaborative and ongoing project to which we will add throughout the semester.

First, read up on the idea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exquisite_corpse

We will be assembling both words and images in our exquisite corpses.

For part 1, each student is to create a representation of a place within the five boroughs. This should be a sort of map, a site. Be aware of the scale of your representation; is it one plot, one property, a block, a neighborhood, a borough, the whole city? Using Google maps or other similar online maps is not allowed. Be creative. Keep it simple.

The image should be 8"x8" at 300 pixels/inch (dpi). File type should be Photoshop (psd). File name should be <place name>_Part01_<your last name>.psd. Make sure all your layers are flattened before saving. Also save a jpeg version of this file at resolution 72 pixels/inch (dpi). Once this is done, click on "Pages and Files" on the right toolbar, and upload your .psd and jpeg files directly to this wiki. If you have trouble with this, bring these files with you to class on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Along with the image, the student is to write 50-100 words describing this place. Give the place a name within your description, and again, be creative. You will write your text here (link is also on the navigation bar): Exquisite Corpses