A fantastic city all of fire suddenly rises from the ocean into the sky. Thousands of ruddy sparks glimmer in the darkness, . . .shapely towers of miraculous castles,
palaces and temples with four beautiful corinthian columns rising first. Golden gossamer threads tremble in the air. They intertwine in transparent, flaming patterns, which flutter and melt away in love with their own beauty mirrored in the waters. Fabulous and beyond conceiving, ineffably beautiful, is this fiery scintillation. (qtd. in Adams 50). Each column rises from the sea right before the rest of the city. They immediately contribute to the grandness of Coney Island. They invite you into the water and spark your curiosity as to what else lies deep in the ocean. The corinthian column could not be as perfect as it is without good proportion and detail. In order to give it its proportion, he height of the capital is measured by the length between g and h and that length is to be divided into 5 parts. The richness in decoration of the Corinthian column is made to fit the complexity and fantasy that Coney Island conveys.
Coney island like any other magnificent wonderland is supported by the one thing that governs all, the economy. The beautiful aspect about it is that its natural flow and essence doesn’t require much money to put in to enjoy, which makes it fantastic and blissful environment. Although, to put more doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. The detail of the crown of the Chrysler Building is a great example of this. The crown ornamentation blends the art deco style with a new luxurious splash to it. If brought to Coney Island, I imagine it would be a repetition of grand Corinthian columns and a mass of fun a enjoyable amusements.



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