A place where city structures meets nature's greenery and they work together in harmony.
It is surrounded by tall skyscrapers that bring together the interior and exterior spaces.
The wild animals that we are surround the wild vertical looking buildings which creates a magically dynamic place.
City Island is self sufficient. It's a dream city surrounded by water and amazing views.
The simple facade structure is erected by placing metal vertical panels 20 ft on-center along a well crafted foundation and
horizontal metal panels are placed 10ft on-center along a vertical metal panel.
These panels create 10' x 20' grid like negative space that could be a mullion system for a sort of reflective piece like glass.
City Island is a beautiful contradiction of utilizing urban and natural aspects.
Perhaps it’s trying to find a middle ground where buildings become green.
The borderline of the Bronx acts as an edge from Manhattan. The boxes represent the grid of the city blocks and shows the path of how most of the streets are in the city.The trees that are shown represent the importance of Central park to the visitors and residence of Manhattan. It is very iconic and Manhattan would not be the same without it. It's as if it balances out the city with all the enormous buildings and takes away some of it's mass.Exquisite Corpse 4.jpg


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