Rieglmann Boardwalk is one of the most renowned places in New York history. The history, excitement, and sweet smell of the ocean are enough to change any stressed Yorkers mood. My personal favorite aspect is the linearity, as it guides you without realizing like a stream of water. It is almost like the natural remedy to the chaos that is New York. If the natural reasons are not enough to win you over then maybe Lunar Park, the Aquarium, and the Ice Skating rink will be able to change your mind. These unique attractions are all balanced out, as you can see, by the technology that helped cities what they are today. You can see something big as a whole city being balanced by an elevator shaft and the importance it has on the development of the city. Without this simple but yet useful invention, we would have many limitations on what we can build, the materials we can use and the design we can use to build them.

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