Pyramids are said to be relatives of the strongest shape of the world, so it was not much of a surprise when I read that the Bankers Trust Company took on the iconic shape as the trademark logo. Saying that their customers can rely on them because they are also as strong as the pyramid, after architects Townbridge and Livingston used it the company’s tower in the financial district of downtown New York City, a district known for its beautiful ‘pyramid’ like skyscrapers which draw tourists from all over the city, country and world to view. Most using the Brooklyn Bridge Park as their grounds.
Located between two worlds on waterfront under one of the world’s most famous bridges, this small gem of a park offers breathtaking views. People stop and gaze at the postcard-perfect sights of New York City. They can stop and take a ride on the carousel or simply enjoy the architecture and how this structure competes with the others around it. Visitors enjoy priceless views while sitting on the park's steps or picnicking on its grass. The streets that surround the park are in a linear pattern and leads you to the park. The park creates a border from the water and can enjoy the view of the skyscrapers.

Brooklyn Bridge Park_Part04_Vishnudat.jpg