Its a small section in the lower Manhattan near to wall street district. Bowling Green its know as the oldest park in New York City, many tourists come to this place to see and take pictures with the landmarks of Bowling Green such as the Charging Bull. Bowling Green, which marks the beginning of Broadway.
As you head further downtown into Brooklyn, the buildings tend to look more historical, more repetitive. Some of them have columns in front and makes them seem as they are government buildings. The base of the columns are drawn by rules. The column footings are divided in half to create two footings in one. The individual footings are drawn to one similar dimension in which they meet to the overall footing. The base footing is drawn to meet the ground level and then anchored by a base which extends six inches on both sides. It is such bases that holds up the unique landmark of my neighborhood. It is the Gowanus Expressway that separates the streets. It is the edge that hinders us to walk freely across, that separates us into districts. And if you're lucky you'll find the break within this underpass that allows pedestrian passageway every 6 blocks.



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